Morocco photo group adventures

Morocco Photo Group Adventures

Autumn 2023 Morocco photo group adventures tour update

Morocco continues to experience a surge in tourism and this autumn we ran four group tours covering the breadth of the country from north to south and west to east. Guests from the US, Canada, South Africa, the UK, Ireland and Switzerland made it an exciting mix. High Atlas villages and desert dunes were the mainstay as we extended our Morocco photo group adventures to include the blue city Chefchaouen and the spiritual imperial heart of Morocco, Fez. Our final tour in November was to the less visited south-west centred around the Anti-Atlas mountain range where unworldly rock formations can be seen during a two-hour drive from Tafraoute. Guests stayed in a mix of hotels, both village and city Riads as well as a luxury desert camp, each is which is uniquely different. Tour highlights include interacting with local people in off-the-beaten locations. Here’s what Nicole had the say afterwards. Her photos are featured in the below gallery which you can click on to expand:

“The photo tour in Marroko is a highlight. Darren Lewey is an excellent teacher. He took us to the most beautiful places. He generously shares his vast knowledge of photography and he is very supportive and patient. I learned much more than I had hoped from this trip. My camera handling has improved significantly. Thanks to Darren’s good guidance, I have discovered a love for street photography. The selected riads are highly recommended. Also, we had a very good and safe driver in Hafid. He knows all the local incidents and supports our group in every possible way. I highly recommend this tour.”

Once again we made a special visit to Guelmim to see a Guedra, a rarely-seen glimpse into Morocco’s Saharan culture, a folklore dance of the Sahrawi tribes of the Guelmim region. Honoured to be able to photograph this, it’s a spectacle performed for special occasions and generally not for tourists. The Guedra uses dance moves to express herself and enchant those around her. Its origins remain largely a mystery. Looking forward we plan to develop the Anti-Atlas desert tours to include a Guedra spectacle with a base in Tiznit, a spectacularly undiscovered town with wonderful street photography opportunities and a host of surrounding villages and coastline. Watch this space for updated information on an itinerary. In the meantime join our newsletter if you haven’t already so.

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