Developing Photography Themes

If you’ve taken advantage of the free module ‘hidden gems’, or arrived here with a clutch of what your think are interesting photos, then this interactive module developing photography themes will enable you to push on and create a collection of at least one of them.

The opportunity and challenges of themed collections and developing photography themes, is both a personally satisfying one which also opens up a path that naturally leads to a portfolio.

Since running my first workshop in Essaouira in 2010 I’ve evaluated around 450,000 photographs, including by those new to photography, as well as by established amateurs. My guiding principle is to draw out associations across images which point to a personal way of seeing.  If I find something that uniquely connects them to the image then it’s what I bring forward for developing further.  In essence identifying and developing photographic themes. 

Working on a theme instills a focus whilst structure within a set can make more sense to the viewer.  The benefits overall of themes are numerous.  The added bonus of theme building is a sharpened way of working and deepening your photographic practice through attentive looking and composing.

I’m continually surprised at how many varied interpretations there are of one place. “I would never have considered that” is a phrase that I frequently hear when running workshops.  As emerging photographers you have a wealth of places to visit, but finding visual associations across them, that connect images and reflects your unique way of seeing is the key to producing successful images.

Firstly it’s important to consider what subjects really matter to you, themes about which you are most passionate, so they have to come from within.  During our one-to-one interaction I don’t want to be imposing themes on you, but what I can do is to create a plan of where you can go with what you present to me.  What are the options, what will distinguish your images from other photographers, if that is a useful goal.

We’ll explore the images you have so far, identifying what makes them tick visually, as well as talk through what you like about photography and what gives you the most pleasure photographing.

With this module I’m transferring the format of my location workshops reviews to a ‘Zoom’ environment.  Initially after we make contact I will need to see a link to your photos so I can make some notes before our chat.  Normally 1.5 hrs in an online chat is sufficient for identifying how best you can move forward.


FEE: £85