Designed for beginners who have been taking photos for a while, this is about finding value in what you’ve already taken, reviewing photos on your computer and finding the gems that you haven’t noticed.

Do you have a hoard of images on your hard drive, but you can’t see the wood from the trees?  Photo reviewing can be time-consuming and not the first priority when returning from a trip.  It’s likely there are some good photos that you’ve never seen or perhaps missed.

Due to time pressures, you may not have reviewed your photos and indeed are unsure about whether they are or good or not.  Are there photos that you think don’t work, but you have a niggling like of them?

You may just have a germ of an idea, so let’s haul them out and we’ll take a look.  Perhaps they need a crop or pairing with other images to make sense or to develop a theme

Send a batch of up to 100 low-resolution files to me and I will review them and pick the standouts, giving you a line or two as to why they work.  With the selected set, I’ll point you to reoccurring patterns or themes in your photography that can be further developed in another module.

Alternatively, you may have some favourite images that you’ve chosen and are happy with, but you would like a second opinion on them.  I can assess these based on the photo’s quality of processing its composition and other features.

Cropping can have a tremendous impact on your photos and even, for the most seasoned photographers major or minor crops are an essential option.  Changing an aspect ratio or cropping to reposition the main subject or object in the scene can completely change the dynamic. 

Even small adjustments can see an image shift from also-ran to the main stage.  Flipping the image is another option, more subtle than cropping, it can make a big difference to the photo’s appeal.  If I see advantages to cropping or flipping your picked-out images, I’ll present a variety of both and resend them back to you. You’ll begin to see how your framing can improve or indeed the value of changing your aspect ratio.

To proceed, go to wetransfer.  Load your photos and select the option ‘get transfer link’ next to where you usually just ‘send images’. Then cut and paste that link into the box above along with your details. I’ll get back to you ASAP.  Photos sent for review will be solely used for the purposes of feedback and will not be published.



Brilliant tutor. I came away with an increased knowledge and passion for photography.



I really learnt from your feedback as to the importance of sharpness and good composition.