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    A number of years ago I downsized from a Nikon D300 to the Olympus EM1, and depite carrying round two bodies and up to 7 lenses now my camera bag is still so much lighter in weight. But can you take this downsizing further?

    On a family holiday a few months back, there was no hand luggage allowed on the flight so no camera bag or camera gear :(. Whilst there was an obvious downside to this, there was an upside: I was forced to use my iPhone.

    Earlier this year I had bought an iPhone 11 Pro, I went with this model (expensive though it was) since it offered a third, teleophoto lens, something that was I felt was major definiceny with most other phone/camera models, I could never seem to get close enough with my old iPhone 8.

    Since then I have become a great fan of iPhone photography, it is the camera you always have in your pocket. One of the great plusses is that you can take a shot, process it (I have been using Snapseed, a free app but pretty powerful) and then upload it to Flickr all within the space of 15 minutes or so and whilst still out in the field. On a trip to Tuscany in September, I even managed to get some unique shots on a reccy when I didn’t have my Olympus with me, we never managed to get back to that particular location.

    Whilst the quality will never match that from a high end SLR or mirrorless camera, I have made acceptable prints up to A4.

    Is this the future of photography? Discuss.

    Darren Lewey

    I think for many the future has already arrived, and they see no reason to carry heavier equipment. The one thing that remains with bigger kit, is the enjoyment of using a viewfinder, tripod and generally slowing down. Personally I also use both, each for their inherent advantages.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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